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Now a bit about “me, myself and I” - just in case you’re curious! I’m not going to fully disclose all details because I am currently employed and, like most of you suckers out there, I need to maintain that status. Since WorkingForFoolsTM will draw on many of my personal current and past experiences, I must be careful to not disclose enough information for anyone to figure out exactly who I am. Said another way, much of what I will write about in this blog will concern some of the folks I work who happen to be prime examples of the foolishness I will share. Also, the company who employs me has certain policies which I’ll write about that are, in my opinion just plain foolish. I hope you understand why I am shielding my identity.

That said, I do want to provide you enough information about me so you understand enough about me and my work environment so that you know the perspective where I’m coming from. I work for a major service corporation located in the Northeastern U.S. which has over 5,000 employees in three states. For simplicity, I will often refer to the company as “MyCompany” within blog posts. Like many other companies, mine has reduced workforce significantly over the past decade to reduce costs do more with less. One of the good things about MyCompany is that it does have policies to allow and encourage employees to transfer to different jobs within the company. I have taken extensive advantage of this ability during my 25+ year single-company career, having transferred to different parts of the organization to do vastly different things. Said another way, I have developed a very broad background; now having background ranging from engineering to marketing.

Frequent movement within the company has been a double-edged sword. Because of my fairly unique, broad background my skills and ability to work well cross-functionally are generally highly valued. I believe the broadness of my background has helped me survive the many waves of downsizing - I often joke by saying, “a moving target is harder to hit”. On the flip side, I have not risen to managerial ranks largely, I believe, to not sticking in any one area of the company for more than about five years. MyCompany tends to place supposed “discipline experts” into supervisory and above positions, folks who have spent all or a majority of their career in one specific business area; be it engineering, marketing or whatever. There of course other factors such as diversity or the “good ‘ole boy network:” that put not necessarily deserving people into management positions (topics of future blog posts). While I’ve come to accept these factors as part of reality I must live with, it is often very frustrating for me because I feel I often know more and have better leadership qualities than those to whom I report.

So, now, you know a bit about me, which will be helpful to keep in mind as you visit this blog and read my posts.


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